Sunday, June 29, 2008

Card Crazy

I have been in card mode the past little while... I don't usually make many cards unless I need them but I figured it's easier to have them all ready to go for when you do need them right?? So here are just a few of 'em!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Not the Brightest Bulb in the Pack!

I think when you don't use it, you most definately lose it! - - - Your mind that is! I've been waiting to go back to work FOREVER (relative term) now, and I am losing IQ points by the day. Last week I was checking my VISA statement and was positive there was a $700 charge that wasn't mine. I was freaking out! I called VISA in a panic and was totally embarrased when the woman told me what he charge was for and I instantly remembered that I HAD paid my car insurance with my VISA... Woops! Yesterday I sent an e-mail that I swear I checked the address on at least 10 times... cause it was an important one... and then this morning I had a reply that it was the wrong address... I looked at it for like 10 minutes before I found the little "r" I had forgotten... CRAP! At least the poor person who received my wayward e-mail was kind enough to tell me so!

Anyway... there are lots more examples I could tell ya but instead here's some stuff I've been working on...

Monday, June 23, 2008

ScrapCentral Summer School

So ScrapCentral is having Summer School this year! Not the boring kind, the kind where SC members get to teach each other some nifty techniques! I got to do the very first class today, so hopefully I didn't let the ladies down. I did a tutorial on using embossing paste with brass stencils that I learned from the ladies at the Scrap Shack in May.

Here's a card using the technique (forgive me, I know it's Christmas... but it's never too early to start making these things!!!). Head on over to SC to check out Summer School, there is lots of great stuff coming up!