Thursday, June 26, 2008

Not the Brightest Bulb in the Pack!

I think when you don't use it, you most definately lose it! - - - Your mind that is! I've been waiting to go back to work FOREVER (relative term) now, and I am losing IQ points by the day. Last week I was checking my VISA statement and was positive there was a $700 charge that wasn't mine. I was freaking out! I called VISA in a panic and was totally embarrased when the woman told me what he charge was for and I instantly remembered that I HAD paid my car insurance with my VISA... Woops! Yesterday I sent an e-mail that I swear I checked the address on at least 10 times... cause it was an important one... and then this morning I had a reply that it was the wrong address... I looked at it for like 10 minutes before I found the little "r" I had forgotten... CRAP! At least the poor person who received my wayward e-mail was kind enough to tell me so!

Anyway... there are lots more examples I could tell ya but instead here's some stuff I've been working on...

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