Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Tattoo and Fireworks for Canada Day!

Not that kind of tattoo! The Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo 2008 kind of tattoo! So it's only been going on since before I was born, but just yesterday I made it to my first show... I see what all the fuss has been about all these years! I LOVED it! I am definately making this and annual tradition. The bands, performers and military acts were a-ma-zing! There was this one German Drill Team that totally blew me away... I have never seen unison like that in my life!

Here's the ad for the tattoo on YouTube:

So after the Tattoo, we went to the Halifax Public Gardens which are also pretty darn cool. Of course I took way too many photos but what else is new...

After the Public Gardens, we had time to kill before the fireworks so we had dinner at the Argyle. It was crazy busy, but amazing food very worth the wait. For the fireworks we watched from the Dartmouth side... less people and then you get a view of the city too. I think this is my new favorite place to watch from...

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