Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's Been a Long Time...

Bad Blogger! This always seems to happen to me in the summertime... it's so darn nice out I forget about the "online" world for a while! So much catching up to do... so much to tell! Let's see, I'll try to do it in a nutshell for you... Since my last post, this is what I've been up to...

- 2 Wedding Showers
- 2 Bachelorettes
- 2 Weddings (in one of which I was MOH)
- a brand new Boston Terrier Puppy (full time job in and of itself!)
- minimal scrapping (oh the horror!)
- a family reunion
- a trip to the beach
- several "away" work trips
- shopping shopping shopping... (I may have bought a brand new Cricut!)
- 3 Birthdays
- and I know I'm forgetting stuff here... feel free to make up some stuff on your own!

So I HAVE to show you some photos right? First up... The Wedding (The one I was MOH)... The photographer did an ah-maz-ing job... the photos are gorgeous! If anyone in central-ish NS is looking for some photos done... Babineau Photography! And I actually like some of the photos of me! Nuff Said... here's some proof!

Now some photos of the boobers we call Rocky... I wan you now... he's pretty adorable!

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Cathy said...

Those photos are gorgeous and that puppy is ADORABLE. Good luck with all the training, etc.