Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Full Monty and an Announcement!

Wow! I'm in Charlottetown for the week on training for work with some co-workers. We decided to go see a show at the Confederation Centre while we were here. Turned out that the Full Monty is playing for the summer, so we bought our tickets and tonight was the night! It was soooo good! Those are some very brave boys! Many funny moments with some real human ones too and if the lighting is just right where you're sitting... Full Monty indeed! (Did I mention we were front row center?). I was ill prepared, but highly recommend the show! If you are in the area at all this summer it is well worth going to, you won't be disappointed, it's great! Here's a behind the scenes look from the Confederation Centre's youtube channel:

Also! I can let you know my big news from last week! I won the Archiver's Create-it-by-You Workshop contest!! What does that mean? Well it means that I'll be teaching a workshop at ScrapFest 2011 in the Mall of America, Bloomington MN this coming September 16-18! I am so excited... excited doesn't cover it... stoked might be a little closer! If you're going I'd love to hear from you, I'm gonna need some buddies! Here's a link to the announcement, the project may look a little familiar (with some product tweaking): here

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