Thursday, November 3, 2011

OMG... A Layout!

So it feels like all I've posted lately has been cards, despite the fact I have a whole album full of Paris layouts, none of which I've shared yet! Crazy! But I'm rectifying that situation right now...

This was both the first layout I did after the Paris trip and the first page in my album... I kept notes while we were away and I used some of those notes to create this layout summarizing some of my first impressions on the first day we were there. I'm not a big writer... I'd rather be "doing" on a trip rather than sitting there "writing" about what I did, but I am so glad I made the time on this trip... when I read some of the things now (after a year) I remember details I know I would have forgotten otherwise. It's also helping me to actually journal! The hard part is already done before I even start!

When I first started scrapping back in the Creative Memories days, half my pages would be nothing but writing but as the years have passed, I find I journal less and less... I'm ashamed to admit some of my pages have only titles for text... and let's face it, the stories are the whole point right! Now whenever I go on a trip I will make the time to capture the details, it's worth it to remember the little moments!

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