Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I'm not missing!

I've been getting ready for Christmas! Only 10 more sleeps until Christmas Eve! Crazy!! Where did December go? Or November for that matter!

Part of my annual "getting ready" always includes making ornaments for the tree. All kinds are welcome! Not many ornaments I met that I didn't like... I think it reminds me of my Grandmother who was always making things, and in the last decade she's been gone, it's how I keep her here at Christmas. (Cue the water works!)

But seriously, I love making them, so this year I painted up some pretty balls, hopefully to find their Christmas home in the next few hours... or days... gotta do the lights first though, I hate doing the lights!

These were made using Creative Inspirations paints, so head on over to their blog for colors and full deets here.


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~ Kendra ~ said...

I LOVE these oranments!!