Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Computer"... it's a dirty word!!

I am finally back after almost a week with no computer! It decided to not turn on one day last week... that was the final straw and provided the last little push I needed to give in and buy myself a laptop! Been wanting one forever so I finally bit the bullet and bought one yesterday! Yay!! Still learning how to do stuff with it and trying to orient myself with a new OS so go easy on me in the next few days while I re-learn how to do my scrappy stuff! (Read as... it might be a little bit before I figure out my photo system and get stuff pasted up on the blog! :) I promise not too long though!

The silver lining was that since I had no net access on the week-end I got loads of stuff done!!! I am on the ball and rolling so stay tuned for lots of eye candy!!


kasmello said...

It is soooo sad how we miss our computers when they are gone! I tell mine I love it, and to stay healthy.

Lisamariemlt said...

Can't wait to see your stuff
hugs Lisa
oh by the way
tag you're it
visit my blog -I don't usually do this but this one was fun and I thought of the ladies on the DT at Concealed