Monday, January 14, 2008


Do you use sketches? Draw sketches? Love sketches? Hate sketches?

I used to not feel one way or the other about them, and I never used to draw them, but lately I have started a little sketch book to jot ideas down when I think of them (which still isn't often ;). I used to think that I didn't need them and they wouldn't help me so why bother... but when I finally gave them a chance I noticed that they were great for getting the Mojo flowing again when it had been missing, and I also found that when I used sketches I scrapped much faster (which for a slow scrapper like me, can be a huge time saver!).

I still do the majority of my scrapping sketch-free but they now have an honoured place in their own little book among my scrap things.

Here is a LO I did yesterday from a sketch challenge on Concealed Beauty:

Original Sketch:

My Version:

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Preemie Mom said...

love the layout~!~