Monday, March 10, 2008

Ear Bling and Cheesecake!

Yesterday I got my ears pierced! Finally! I think there is definately a layout in the future of the whole thing, as my "Wonderful" friends were so kind as to tag along (more like DRAG me) and document the moment. They were finally tired of listening to me say I want my eares pierced I think! We also have a new tradition... whenever one of us puts a hole in our bodies, we must get cheesecake to celebrate! Hey, any excuse to eat cheesecake is completely fine with me!!

I've already bought a half a dozen pairs of earings and I can't wait to wear them, I don't think I can last 6 weeks without taking these studs out... I'm dying for the danglies! It's bling for my ears! What's better than that?

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