Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Beautius Scrap Space

OK... I have been a very bad Blogger, but I have a good excuse... I overhauled my scrap space AGAIN! I know I just did that a few months ago but it wasn't the way I wanted it, so I finally got some brackets and shelves and made kind of a built in out of a 5 foot corner in a room. It isn't the most beautiful room I've ever seen but it was pretty cheap to do (about $100.00 for the shelves, brackets etc. and another $100.00 for some additional storage drawers and boxes to add to the ones I already had). I have organized everything as it went back into drawers... everything has a space now and it is so much easier to find things... we'll see how long this lasts!! ;)

Isn't it Beautius?! I love it! And I crammed everything (as neatly as possible of course!) into this one corner, so it takes up waaay less space than it used to!

This is my little stool, it's not ideal but it'll do for now. My ideal seat I think would be something like a piano bench... one because I like to curl up my legs sometimes and there aren't a whole lot of safe ways to do that on this little tiny stool! And two, I would like to add more storage for rarely used items and storage in a bench would be perfect!

I bought those black photo boxes at Walmart and organized all my non-digi photos into categories such as events, travel, people, pets, scenery etc. I also want to replace the pizza boxes on the top shelf with something a little more aesthetic but for now they'll do!

I bought the 3 white sets of drawers at Walmart also. I think Kent Building Supplies sells similar drawers as well. The middle one keeps all my cardstock, the one on the right keeps oversized flowers, adhesives and specialty items like overlays etc., and the set on the left keeps wooden stamps and paper stacks. The black baskets on top of the drawers keep my paints, stickes and glitter glues, pens and markers etc. All of my CTMH sets are bursting out of the one box and my sets that fit in cd holders are in a cd holder that I bought at Staples ( they can also stack vertically). All other stamp sets are in that black binder in heavy duty page protectors (also from Staples) that have a flap at the top so things don't fall out.

This area still needs a little work. I may go looking for a narrow drawer stand and then re-arrange some stuff, not sure yet, it's an odd little space left over, I'll have to think on it for a while.

My clip-it-up is packed to the rafters, so I also have a drawer for this type of stuff that catches the overflow! I keep all my rub-ons, stickers, masks and a wide variety of stuff on here.

Finally, I had to show you my table, because I keep a lot of crap on it! It feels naked if I don't have all this stuff next to me... all my most used adhesives (glue dots always and I am in love with Zip Dry right now... that's me finishing up my very first bottle on the table there and I only bought it in April! Wish I had bought more than 2!). I don't know why I have 4 pairs of scissors, but they are all different and I like them for different things. I have my mini misters, 2 always with water and on with walnut ink mixed up in it (although I can't remember the last time I used walnut ink). My little jar with sponges in it, paintbrushes, glue pens, markers, pencils, sanders etc. You name an essential and it's likely in this mix! Als I ALWAYS keep a nailfile in this area... you wouldn't believe how many times I've broken a nail scrapping! Seriously... it's a dangerous hobby!

I know that was a little long winded but I just love my new space and wanted to share! If anyone has any ideas how to improve anything, I'd love to hear them! Especially about that little odd space! ;)


Cathy said...

Wow - can I come scrap at your house?

Bobbi-Lynn said...

That looks awesome Carla! Now why couldn't you have been in that sort of mood when you were at my house last month? LOL

Ana said...

It looks awesome! If you want to make the pizza boxes look a bit better, try altering them. A friend I know covered hers up with coordinating scraps and it looked great!

Danielle said...

WOW WOW WOW!!!! Your space looks incredible :D