Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Big Post... Lots to share!

First... Here are the canvases I promised to share... They were my very first attempts, so be kind ;)

The first is kind of inspired by the wizard of OZ, and I tore the illustrations out of a copy of a book. They really are just fun to do but I have no idea what to do with them now... I think a bunch of them on a wall would look really cool maybe.

Here's my second canvas. I think I like it better maybe although it didn't take nearly as long to do as the first one. The word in the circle is WANDERLUST because it's my favorite word right now... I am feeling the urge to travel and go somewhere... unfortunately it is not in the cards right now, so this week-ends trip to Ontario will have to tide me over!

OK... that brings me to my second bit of Information... I am a Scraphoria Apprentice! What does that mean?? Basically there are three of us that are apprentices and at the end of 6 months one of us will be added to the Design Team... clear as mud? You will have to check out the site and follow our progress... the other two Apprentices are amazing and it's worth the click just to check out their work! So huge congrats to Jennifer and Danielle! Can't wait to work with them and the DT. Check it out... it's cool! ;)

Now... the last bit of news it that I leave for Scrapfest on Thursday! Woo-Hoo!!! The event actually starts on Friday and I am going to get to meet a ton of other women that I chat to on ScrapCentral. I am stoked! I think there are 19 of us in total going from one site and we even have our own VIP room at the event! How lucky are we??? I am sure I will have a ton of photos to share when I get back!

That's pretty much it for now!


Michelle said...

Congratulations Carla!!!

Bobbi-Lynn said...

How exciting!! Good luck!